You may know them from Tosh.0, Carson Daly, and VH1. Or the die-hard fans who follow them on YouTube, MySpace, and Funny or Die! That’s right, it’s the insanely funny and insanely insane duo known as A Pair of the Nuts.

A Pair of Nuts is a duo of two fraternity brothers, Yamil and Johnny. The two inappropriately humored friends got their start on MySpace where they uploaded comedy sketches in the days before YouTube was invented.

In 2006, when YouTube came out, they started uploading their videos there. Their biggest hit was a video that featured Gay-O, mayonnaise for gay people. The two also perform live shows where they are known for going absolutely crazy with practically no limits.

In VH1’s Money Hungry, they paraded around in pink thongs to grab a few laughs, but assured fans that that wasn’t even crossing the line. Just watch their live shows if you want to see how far they will really go.

Due to this “no-limit” mindset, they have won Emmy Awards, CAM rewards, and college awards. In 2012, they were awarded Best Comedy and Entertainer of the Year.

If you’ve heard of MegaTV’s El Vacilon, youv’e heard of A Pair of the Nuts, the creators of the show. This Spanish-speaking show drew in Wilmer Valderrama, Tony Plana, John Leguizamo and Luis Guzman. This show was so important as it introduced their comedy to the Mexican, Cuban, and remaining Latin American crowd. They were ecstatic to bring some good old American comedy to the Spanish-speaking crowd as the introduced the In Living Color comedy style to Latin America via their show.

Their Saturday Night Live-style comedy will keep you laughing for days as you recall their ridiculous, though professional humor.

The two also created a short film called Duel where the two enlisted the help of Miami Vice production assistant, Carlos Vega. As well as Justin Dec, who worked on I am Number Four, Parks and Recreation, and CSI: Miami.

In this four minute short, two men get into a harmless wreck where they decide that the only way to settle the disagreement is to have a classic duel on the side of the road. The results are drastic!

If you’ve never heard of A Pair of Nuts, check them out on their YouTube channel. You won’t regret it! Yamil and Johnny have often been compared to a modern-day Abbott & Costello. They strive to bring classic comedy to the craziness of modern stand-up comedy.

They are just the right about of madness with the perfect amount of class! They are A Pair of Nuts!